Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Barnard Park, Goffstown, NH (3.5 smiles)

We go to Barnard Park in Goffstown, NH often.  Here is my review.....

Parking:  Plenty

Bathrooms:  There are a couple of port-o-potties.

Structures:  There are three structures for the kids to climb on.  They range in size with a small one for toddlers, intermediate one and a more advanced one for the older children.  There are also swings and a couple of other things to play on.

Picnic Tables:  There are picnic tables under a pavilion where it is shaded.

Overall:  This is a nice park.  It is pretty sunny during the middle of the day but morning is usually pretty shady.  There is a basketball court and a walking/running track.